• Style:Right-handed professional pet grooming cutting Scissor,used for trimming shear the whole body hair of your pet.
  • Size:8.0".Color:Silver.Unique design of blade and the handle.
  • Made of HIGH-END JAPANESE 440C stainless steel with Beautiful Screw for durability and style.Delicate screw and silencer design,these detail designs show the high-end quality of scissor.
  • PURE HANDMADE, with speciai ice calcined processing, durable and good sharpness.The blade is very sharp and smooth with the best cutting Angle of 45 degrees.
  • Engineering structure design allows you to grip them very comfortablely and reduce the labor intensity of you.This design insures the minimum risk for repetitive motion injury.Ergonomically Curved/bent down finger thumb hole/ring to help reduce hand, arm,elbow, shoulder, neck and back problems.The product is made to the highest specification and is quality tested.
LILYS PET HIGH-END SERIES Parts list (1 set): 1 straight cutting scissor, 1 scissors' case, 1 brushing clothes,color is random Size:8.0" Material:JAPAN 440C stainless steel Hardness:62HRC Scissors material introductionA good scissor, the material is the key,The material of our factory's scissors is mainly divided into the following kinds: high quality stainless steel 4CR13 comov 6CR13 comov, 9CR13 comov and the high-end quality Japanese stainless steel 440C which is world famous.All scissors are forging.440C: carbon (C - 1.2%).The rust resistance this kind of steel is very good,and it is the high quality stainless steel that is currently used in high-grade scissor tool on the market. Chromium content up to 16-18%, has been very popular and famous in the world, especially when subzero treatment process was developed, which strengthened the toughness of steel processing.With the high hardness and good wear resistance, 440C stainless steel is more easy to grind than any carbon steel.The annealing temperature of the 440C stainless steel is very low, the hardness usually achieve HRC62.The corrosion resistance and toughness are strong.440C stainless steel has the highest hardness in all stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. Scissors maintenance instructions1.Please don't cut the air.2.High quality steel, high sharpness, when you use the scissors,you must pay attention to safety, don't touch the bottom of the skin.3.Please keep it clean after using,can lubricated if necessary.4.Please be careful with the scissors, gently pick up and gently put down,don't drop from high level,this will destroy marginal adaptation of the scissors.5.Don't use them to cut metal objects.The scissors can only be used for hair trimming, otherwise it will shorten the life of using.

LILYS PET HIGHEND SERIES 70Inch Japan 440C Personality Handle Design and Dentate blade Professional Pet Grooming Cutting Scissors B01I3EHHP0

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LILYS PET HIGHEND SERIES 70Inch Japan 440C Personality Handle Design and Dentate blade Professional Pet Grooming Cutting Scissors B01I3EHHP0

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